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Last updated March 11th, 2022

Your baby’s first step is undoubtedly the most special moment in your life. This is the most impressive thing you will witness as a parent. The wobbling does not last forever, and you would not be able to protect them from everything. There will be times when you will have to let some bruises and bumps take place. If you wish to lessen its amount, then consider purchasing a baby walker. These are useful for getting the baby start prepping for walking. We have evaluated various baby walkers and have on the basis of durability, safety, stability, user friendly, portability, and other factors and concluded the following.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 6 Best Baby Walkers in India

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PANDA Creation Adjustable Musical Walker (Blue

PANDA Creation Adjustable Musical Walker (Blue,Pack of 1)
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  • Animal shape walker, adjustable height
  • Rattles, electronic musical
  • Wide frame for child safety
  • Cosy seat with back res
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Sunbaby Baby Walker Kids Activity Rattle Toys

Sunbaby Baby Walker Kids Activity Rattle Toys for Babies Cycle, Adjustable Height, Thick, Safe & Comfortable Seat, Rotatable Wheel, Music Button, for Infant of 6 to 20 Months (Blue)
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  • SAFETY EN-71 & BIS CERTIFIED BABY WALKER : With over 5 million satisfied Parents over the last 20 years, the SUNBABY "BUTTERFLY " Baby Walker is yet another innovative product which helps the Baby to walk his Life's First Steps. With Safety being a Priority, the SUNBABY walkers are with EN71- European Standard Certifications & also ISI marked & Certified. The Vibrant Colors & Plastic made from Certified Virgin Plastic granules, Curved smooth edges further ensures the safety of the Baby.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE WITH THICK DOUBLE STITCHED SAFE CUSHION FOR EXTRA COMFORT TO BABY'S BACK : The SUNBABY " Butterfly Walker" height grows with the Height of the Baby. The Height can be Adjusted according to the legs of the baby & as the Baby's Legs Grow, the Height of the walker can be Increased.
  • BEST ACTIVITY TRAY : The SUNBABY Butterfly walker has Butterfly rattles and One Finger Music Buttons which keep the Baby Happy and Occupied. ROTATABLE WHEELS : The Base of the walker is wide to support the baby and the rotatable Wheel allows the Baby to move in any direction . Adult supervision is advised when the baby is using the walker
  • ROTATABLE WHEELS : The Base of the walker is wide to support the baby and the rotatable Wheel allows the Baby to move in any direction . An Adult supervision is advised when the baby is when using the walker
  • FOLDABLE : SUNBABY walkers are easy to assemble and when not in use can be folded and kept in a corner . SUNBABY walkers cycles are the Best Walkers which help your infants in learning to walk.
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Funride Baby Walker

Funride Baby Walker for 6 to 18 Months with Parent Handle Rod - Foldable Activity Walker with Adjustable Height and Parent Handle Rod for Boys and Girls
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  • FUN FOR KIDS: The activity walker comes with an removable Rattles toys for kids to learn and play. The interactive toy will help stimulate your childâ€s senses and accelerate their early development. Improve their learning and independent thinking ability.

  • maximum_weight_recommendation:25 |

  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The walker features 3 adjustable height positions to grow with your child, which allows you to easily keep your child at the right height as they grow. The Baby Activity Walker is suitable for children weighing up to 15 Kgs

  • SOFT & COMFORT SEAT: Designed for ultimate mobility and comfort, the seat pad is made of Polyester Batting, your child can enjoy their breathable, lightweight and secure seat. High seat back provides additional support and comfort. Extra wide base for superior stability.

  • FOLDABLE COMPACT DESIGN: The Activity Walker can be folded down and fold flat, which can makes it easier to transport or convenient storage when not in use. 8 Sturdy wheels work on floors or carpets for easy moving.
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Goyal's Cartoon Baby Adjustable Walker

Goyal's Cartoon Baby Adjustable Walker - Music & Rattles with Parental Handle (Red)
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  • material_type:plastic
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Baybee Pro 2 in1 Twist Baby Walker Round…

Baybee Pro 2 in1 Twist Baby Walker Round Kids Walker for Babies Cycle with Adjustable Height and Musical Toy Bar Rattles and Toys, Activity Walker for Kids Wheel 6-24 Months
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22


  • Adapts to the needs of the baby who begins to give or want to take their first walks.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Adjustable seat pad height to grow with your baby. Skid-resistant friction pads on base for child safety. The high foam seat back provides added support and comfort for boys and girls.
  • FUN TOYS & ACTIVITIES: Entertain baby girl or boy with fun developmental toys: upright flower mirror with crinkle petals and textured stem, spinning ball for batting play and bead bar for motor skill development.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE & EASY CLEAN: 6 - 24 Months, Maximum Weight Capacity 15 Kgs, Suitable for both Boys & Girls. Machine-washable seat pad for quick clean-ups.
  • The walker folds easily and takes up less space for storage. It is a Rubber wheel and Stopper, so kids can be free to move the walker.
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StarAndDaisy 360° Baby Walker

StarAndDaisy 360° Baby Walker for Kids with Push Handle, 7 Adjustable Height, Multi-Function Anti-Rollover Folding Activity Walker with Led Light & Recreational Musical Toy Bar | Walker for 6-18 Months Baby Boy Girl (Blue)
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  • ✿【7 MULTIPLE ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT】- The walker features 3 adjustable heights with walker and 4 seat height adjustable positions to grow with your child which allows you to easily keep your child at the right height as they grow. baby maximum Load 20 kg.
  • ✿【FOLDABLE COMPACT DESIGN】- The baby Walker can be folded down and folded flat, Installation Free. It is a small size and easy to carry and store. Round design with 6 universal wheels work on floors or carpets for easy moving. 3 strong folding legs. Bring full convenience to your life.
  • ✿【ROUND DESIGN】- With 6 x 2" large universal wheels, smart and multidirectional, so easy for the baby to move himself around 360°, he never gets stuck and it's extremely easy for him to move around furniture, walls and other obstacles.
  • ✿【UPGRADE Materials】- Eco-friendly original raw material with PP plastic, high quality oxford fabric cushion, Baby mobile dining table with safer and stronger, Non-toxic and easy for baby to eat sitting in a walker. Breathable & wearable cushion, Comfortable to Baby.
  • ✿【FOLDED SIZE】- 70 x 70 x 15 cm folded size, the diameter of the chassis is 70 cm,Before buying, please make sure your baby is tall enough to use a walker.
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Baby Walker Buying Guide: Things to Remember

There is a lot of debate about baby walkers. Some believe that it might injure the baby while others find it entertaining for the baby. So before buying one, you should have your hands on the buying guide so that you buy the best baby walker that is out in the market. 

  • Should be user friendly:  First of all, you should buy a baby walker that can operate easily. It shouldn’t be heavy or such that cause too much friction on the ground. Your baby must enjoy sitting on that walker. So a user-friendly baby walker can be an advantage. The walkers that cause friction while on the ground are prone to accidents. This might discourage your baby from sitting on it. 
  • Broad-Based walker: Select a baby walker that has a broad base. This prevents the baby from falling. A broad base will give baby support while walking. It will prevent him/her from getting through doorways. That will keep the baby safe in one room.
  • Safety first: When buying baby walker safety should at the utmost priority. Look for safety features installed in the baby walker like wheel locks or safety belts. This will protect the baby from accidents. 
  • Non-hazardous material: The skin of an infant is very sensitive. So keeping that in mind, you should buy the best quality baby walker. Buying baby walkersthat are made up of non-toxic materials will do the job. It should have non-toxic paint on it. Or else, there might be rashes or some other effects on the skin. The walker should non-hazardous overall. 
  • Comfort of the baby: The comfort of the baby should not be compromised while buying a walker. So avoid buying baby walkers that have uneven edges or rough stitches on the seat. This will result in an unhappy experience, and the baby will not further sit on the walker. 
  • Adjustable height: The baby walker must be so that you can use it in the long run. So buying anadjustable baby walkeris a great choice. With the baby’s growing height, you can use adjust the height of the walker. 
  • Portability: Portable baby walkers are an extra benefit. You might have to carry the baby walker every time you travel to someplace. So buying a foldable baby walker can help in carrying it and also saves space.

Baby walkers: Are they safe?

Baby walkers are great for entertaining and distracting the baby. But they have major drawbacks. The pattern of muscle development is often correlated with mental development. So putting a baby or a toddler on a baby walker before he is mentally prepared to walk disturbs his mobile development. This leads to injuries. Along with this, the real problem occurs when parents misuse baby walkers. Most parents put their baby in a baby walker and feel free to look away. This can be dangerous. So if you really need a baby walker to make sure you try to abide by the guide so that your baby remains safe while in the walker.


These above-mentioned baby walkers are thus the best transitional development toys that help support the transition from standing to walking of babies.

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